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 Cabal pet system and leveling guide

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PostSubject: Cabal pet system and leveling guide   Sun Sep 28, 2008 1:08 am

Update 9 sees the inclusion of the pet training system.

Pets are a store house of abilities to augment their masters powers.

Starting off their training at level 1 they gain experience with you as you level until they reach level 10. The can have 1 skill per level and at level 10 they gain a special appearence.

Each level of a pets life they have a slot like an item which you can augment with astral force abilities. This in essence makes a pet an accessory to house special skills for your character.

Skill Table:

Skill addition is performed at the Core Alchemist NPC and costs alz determined by the level and a single Force Core Highest.

* Levels 1~5 = 1,000,000 alz
* Levels 6~8 = 2,000,000 alz
* Level 9 = 3,000,000 alz
* Level 10 = 4,000,000 alz

Upgrade Window:

Upon success a random skill from the table above is applied the outcome cannot be pre determined.

Pet Rename Card - Available at the Port Lux Grocer this card costs 100,000,000 alz. A renamed pet cannot be seen by the apposing nation on war channel/map they will only see the pet type name for example "Dire Boar" instead of your pets real name be it "Fluffy" or "Ralph".

Pet Sleeping Kit - Planned for cash shop, this item will allow you to seal a pet and trade them.

Pet Untrain Item - This removes the enchants from all slots in a pet.
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Cabal pet system and leveling guide
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