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 *soRroW* by jELAisky07

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PostSubject: *soRroW* by jELAisky07   Thu Oct 02, 2008 2:18 am

By jELai

I cRiEd sO mAnY tiMeS
I LiEd bEnEaTh tHe tiMe
I tRiEd tO sMiLe fRoM tiMe tO tiMe
To eAsE tHe pAiN I fEeL iNsiDe.

ThErE wErE tiMes
I fELt LiKe giViNg uP
HaUnTeD bY mEmOriEs
ThAt I cAn’T giVe uP.

SoMeTiMeS I cAn fEeL LiKe I’m aLL aLoNe
WoNdEriNg oF wHaT I’vE dOnE wRoNg
MaYbE I’m jUsT, jUsT sO wRoNg
WhEn I fEeL LiKe I’m aLL aLoNe.

It’S tiMe tO sAy gOoDbYe
BLoCk oUt tHe sUn aNd pAcK uP tHe sKy
TrY tO sToP aSkiNg mE wHy
DoN’t LeT mE sHeD tEaRs aNd sTaRt tO cRy. Crying or Very sad
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*soRroW* by jELAisky07
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