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 Blader Guide

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PostSubject: Blader Guide   Wed Sep 24, 2008 3:04 am

The Blader Skill Collection
*edit to put skill lev which i put to(for now), however the part of deleting which skill to add new skill is overall ur choice)
I will now list blader SWORD skills as they appear in each ranking and give an opinionare on each.

Novice Rank

Flash Draw - This skill is your first skill that can be easily used to attack multiple foes in front of you and to your sides as well. This skill knocks opponents off their feet as well, which will save you a lot of damage. You can’t get hurt if your enemy can’t attack you. To try to help you imagine what it looks like, you pull each of your swords to your side with arms crossed in front of you. Your character bends low, charges up, and then releases a cross slash.(lv9)

Impact Stab - Your first attack skill. In fact, you start with this skill. This is a fast skill but is hard to use for area of effect. You get it free of charge, so you can’t really say anything bad about it. A very simple visual. You simply stab with your left? sword while taking a small step forwards(lv9)

Stab Slash - Ah, a skill that does 2 hits! A very appropriate name, for you really do stab, and then slash! The slash portion of this skill has AoE. It’s basically a combination of the previous 2 skills in one single motion(lv9)

Fade Step - This skill allows you to swiftly back away from your opponent. If you know you’re about to die, you can simply back up and then flee. A nice skill, but I would skip it and get a different movement skill in the near future.(skipped)

Apprentice Rank

Concentration - Increases your hit rate, ‘nough said (not recommended)

Dash - This is the skill that I feel is superior to fade step. When you use this skill, your character swiftly moves almost an entire screen’s distance towards where your mouse is on the screen. You more much farther and much faster than you do with fade step, so I prefer having this skill instead.(lv9)

Double Slash - Two quick, consecutive slashes. This skill covers everything in front of you, so it’s very useful for fending off large mobs, even more so than Stab Slash, since both of your hits are AoE.(lv9)

Triple Slash - Three slashes in one motion. This skill covers everything in front of you and to your sides as well. Your first slash slashes from left to right, then you slash with your opposing katana from right to left, and then you conclude with a third slash that is executed after you spin around and finish with your left hand sword I believe.(lv9)

Regular Rank

Blade Force - Increases the damage of your swords. Some people say to skip it since you get a stronger version of this skill later on, but I still got it and found it helpful enough to keep. Try not to get too obsessive over leveling it up really high though(lv12)

Death Cross - Your first “power house” skill. This skill features a double sword stab, after which your character separates the swords, one going left, the other going right. The stab is not AoE, but the final slashes are. It does a high amount of damage, but is sadly slow in execution. Still a must have skill.(lv9)

Rising Shot - A one handed swing straight up to flip your opponent over. Basically it’s a faster, one target version of Flash Draw, and it’s also stronger. However, I advise skipping this skill. You will already have Flash Draw, Impact Stab, Double Slash, Triple Slash, and Death Cross to combo with, so you shouldn’t waste points on an almost useless skill.

Double Rising - A very deceptive name, for this is actually a 3 hit succession skill. Your character spins around while performing 3 upper cut slashes with the sword. It has a limited AoE range, but still has enough to be counted as an AoE skill. Strong and useful for comboing in place of Death Cross.(lv9)

Expert Rank

Storm Grind - A fun to use skill. Your character vanishes in a poof of black smoke, and swiftly swings upwards, flying about 5 times your avatar height into the air. This skill is full AoE (hits everything around you in a circle), and flips them over. Powerful, and a must keeper.

Assault - A fast charging attack. This skill is VERY VERY useful for fighting bosses in this game. If you do not get this skill then beating boss dungeons will be virtually impossible.

Hasing Dance - One of the ***iest skills in the game. Your character flips both of his swords into hilt leading grip (rather than having the blade sticking out of your grip) and performs 7 consecutive left to right / right to left slashes, finishing with a double slash with swords back in the normal grip after spinning a 360. This skill is front and side AoE, and is very VERY powerful due to it having 8 strikes.(lv9)

Iron Skin - Make your pathetic defense pathetic no more! Your first defense up skill has arrived.(max)

A. Expert Rank (Advanced Expert)

Mirage Step - Thought your evade was good already? Well think again, cause it’s about to get better! Your evasion skill is here, and it’s a mighty effective one.(MAX)

Round Cut - A skill common to all classes, you spin around in a circle and strike everything around you once. This is a very iffy skill. I ended up deleting it and relearning it many many times. I would say delete it unless you have nothing to combo with.

Blade Aura - The stronger version of Blade Force. Increase your attack by even more! Do not max it unless u have lots of money as there is a better 1(lv12)

Mirage Grind - A lovely skill to watch. Your character crosses his katanas over his head and bends at the knees to charge up, then he releases a small radius and a large radius circular spin, while spinning himself around to deal many successions to everything around you. A must have that excels beyond the forces of even Hasing Dance.(lv9 i believe, but i think its a pvp skill, so see which lv can be put into ur combo)

Master Rank

Twin-moon Slash - Your only ranged attack skill. You cross your blades in front of you, charge up, and shoot dual moons about the same distance as a dash would take you. This skill pierces, so it hits everything in a line in front of you. A good skill when used correctly

Aura Barrier - Iron Skin advanced! The more defense the better.Can be stack with iron skin(MAX)

Vital Interfere - A stun skill that stops your enemies in it’s tracks in the same pathline as Twin-moon Slash. Useful for PvP mostly.

A. Master Rank (Advanced Master)

Blade Cry - A freaking power house AoE skill. With this skill, you stick your swords together, pointing straight up, spin around about 4-5 times, then swing out your blades to deal a full circle AoE that strikes very high damage to everything in a very large area. Think of it as turning your character into a mini nuke.(lv9)

G. Master Rank (Grand Master)

Blade Scud - The skill of all skills for a blader. This skill is a 6-7 hit succession that features an insane animation that I can’t begin to comprehend with how little I’ve seen it. This is a piercing skill like Twin-moon Slash, except your character moves through the mob until you reach the end of it. If you land all 6-7 hits, it can instantly kill a mob.(lv9)

Completer Rank

Lighting Slash - A skill that is pretty gd for pvp, but rumored or maybe its a fact that it have the lowest att of all completer skill… In pvp, its pretty gd. When i pvped the blader, 1st thing he did was Lighting Slash and i have to move according how he moved jus to hit him>.< It does not break combo but it makes the opponent delay the attack by walking to you.

Magic Skills

It is vital to train your magic skills as well as your sword skills. Whenever you increase your rank on your sword skills, you gain something like 10 STR, 10 DEX, and a lot of HP. The same applies for when you increase your magic skill rank. You will receive I believe 5ish INT and a lot of MP. It also opens slots for passive upgrades (that naturally boost HP/MP, avoid, accuracy, damage, defense without having to physically use them).

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Blader Guide
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