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 Force Archer Unlimited Guide

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PostSubject: Force Archer Unlimited Guide   Wed Sep 24, 2008 3:06 am

Sword SKill;
Dash ( It Up To U Until Lv What U want to up)

Magic Skill:
Critical Shot - lvl 20
Repulsive Armour - lvl 20
Blind - lvl 1
Eagle eye - lvl 20
Poison Arrow - lvl 20
Lower Defense - lvl 20
[A. Expert]
Mana Condense - lvl 20
Shadow Shot - lvl 20
Vital Force - lvl 20
Drilled Shot - lvl 4
Greater Heal - lvl 20
Vital Bless - lvl 9
[A. Master]
Prismatic Arrow - lvl 20
[Grand Master]
Gravity Distortion - lvl 9

Upgrade Skills:
Vitality Mastery (a must have for any char - adds alot of HP)
Force Control (another very good upgrade - adds alot of magic=more dmg)
Force Rolling (same as above but better ^^)
Damage Absorb (good upgrade skill - adds alot of defense)
Sixth Sense (a usefull skill in PVE - adds alot of def rate)

For PVP:
1st.Shadow Shot (knockdown at start=good chance to win)
2nd.Critical Shot (does allot of damage over a short period of time)
3th.Gravity Distortion(adds good damage with chance to stun)
4th.Posion Arrow (again, adds good damage and gives poison damage over time)
After you used these 4 skills repeat all of them again.

Now for PVE:
1st.Gravity Distortion (stuns for long time)
2nd.Poison Arrow (good damage and gives poison damage over time)
3th.Drilled Shot (good damage)
4th.Prismatic Arrow (good damage again)
Use these 4 skills on monsters and if you combo vs a melee mob it will be very hard for him to reach you
My Opnion. If Dont Like Dont Follow
(You can also use the PVP combo in PVE, for example if you’re killing a boss.)

And finally I will tell you which equipment to use:
I cannot tell you exactly which items to use as these will change as you get higher lvl.
If you like PVP, try to get as much crit rate % and crit dmg % as possible.
And if you like PVE more, you can get more magic (although crit rate and dmg is good also)

How To Use It:
Novice > power shot + random arrow
Apprentice > crit shot (keeper) + 2 random skills
Regular > crit shot + explosion shot + random skill
Expert > crit shot + explosion shot + poison arrow (keeper)
A expert > crit shot + shadow shot(keeper) + poison arrow.
Master (see A expert)
A Master (See A expert)
G Master Crit shot, shadow shot, poison arrow, Grav distortion, fire lance, terra lance.

Combo all the way and follow your growth. After lvl60 focus your stats on your gear requirements and everything else in int.
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Force Archer Unlimited Guide
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